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Spirituality & Ecological Hope is an exploration of the spiritual meaning of the ecological crisis that now faces our precious Earth. We do this from the vantage point of a consumer-oriented post-industrial society where the changes required to save humanity from disaster are particularly profound.

Our planet is being altered by a confluence of trends that will surely shake our world. Among them:

  • global warming and climate change
  • consuming beyond the capacity of the Earth to renew the resources we need for life (overshoot)
  • the looming energy crunch as we approach peak oil
  • a democracy in crisis, undermining our ability to make the necessary policy changes
  • war and terror that have opened painful breaches among the human community.

In the short span of this generation, we human beings will have to decide how we are going to pass through this difficult era, whether or not we will survive, what kind of world we will be leaving to our children. To save the fabric of life on this Earth, to keep it from unraveling, we need to begin this work now.

Sewage pours into Chesapeake Bay watershed

Sewage pours into Chesapeake Bay watershed

In the societies of the post-industrial West, we face a special moral and spiritual challenge. In the US alone, with just 4% of the global population, we consume 30% of global resources, emit 24% of the greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuel burning, emit 45% of total carbon from auto emissions, and share great responsibility, along with other industrial and post-industrial nations, for a global economic model that has ravaged the Earth and left many societies already vulnerable to collapse.

What values will shape the human journey now? What kind of human beings will we be as we face this crisis?

This site explores these questions. Here you will find information and resources about the crisis, interspersed with reflections on how we shape a new ‘spirituality,’ in other words, a framework of meaning, a way of life, that reflects our role within a biosphere that sustains us, holds us, from which we emerged, and for which we are right now the greatest danger.

We will also urge you to take action. This new way of life must become reflected in the policies of this nation, and soon. There is much we can do in our personal and political lives to bring about the necessary changes.

We welcome you to this conversation.

Rainbow over Chicago - photo by Deanna Fritziner

Rainbow over Chicago - photo by Deanna Fritzinger

Spirituality and Ecological Hope is a project of the Center for New Creation. Your tax-deductible donations are appreciated!

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