Earth Day

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Fostering Ecological Hope
Today from Margaret Swedish:

Love the Earth

Cherish your home. It is the only one we have. clouds-and-sky.jpg

We are creatures of this planet. We are not over and above; rather, we emerged from, evolved from, are utterly connected to the fabric of life of this planet, one of its species. You cannot take the species out of its context, its habitat, and think it can survive.

It can’t.

We are destroying all around us that which holds us, nurtures us, carries us, gives us our life.

earthrise-from-apollo-8.jpgCherish the Earth. We are Earth creatures. We come from no other world. We come from this world.

Renewing this relationship, learning again to love our Mother, is crucial to our survival, to the survival of this and millions of our fellow species, those species upon whom we depend for our own survival.

Cherish the Earth. It is home. This home, you cannot leave. Destroy this home, you have no home.

tar_sands_open_pit_mining_alberta_canada.pngCherish the Earth. Care for it and it will care for you. Do not abuse what you love. Do not abuse what you need to live.

Love this Earth. It has been so generous with us, so forgiving. It cannot take the abuse any longer.

Love, cherish this Earth. my-niece-in-snow-december-2007.pngYou are an Earth creature. You are Earth.

Cherish your very self.

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