Meanwhile, while we were going into debt and watching ‘American Idol’…

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Today from Margaret Swedish:

Our world is changing in huge ways.

I just wanted to link tonight to two articles that describe one aspect of that new world. I am going to guess that you won’t hear any presidential candidates talk about this stuff. No one is going to go out there and talk about the demise of a singular superpower in a mythical unipolar world — in other words, the end of US hegemony. But it is happening — inexorably.

This reality should be reshaping how we think about our world and every major crisis we face. We are one world now — riven, but one. We are a species facing a planetary crisis as we deplete the resources and gifts of the Earth while we add a couple billion more people to the planet over the next 40 years. The way we humans live is completely unsustainable — not in the long term, but now. The geopolitics of the world is going through major realignment and we had best figure out pretty soon how we build international consensus to address these crises.

Anyway, if you are interested in these topics of shifting global dynamics and how it is affecting, and will affect us, check out these articles:

Weak Dollar Fuels China’s Buying Spree Of U.S. Firms, from the Jan. 28 Washington Post

Waving good bye to hegemony, from the Jan. 27 NY Times Sunday Magazine.

Why do these articles matter? Because with our mounting debts and a weak dollar, the US is being bought by foreign financial interests, both private and government-owned — US assets, businesses, stakes in financial institutions. Because we are no longer the world’s one and only superpower and the world is starting to move away from us and our influence. Because this insular nation of great ego is having a hard time finding itself to be just one among many players in the world.

Because nationalism won’t work. Because national superiority won’t work. Because pulling in and saying no one can tell us what to do won’t work. Because every problem vital to our human future will require humility, international cooperation without hubris, a stance and attitude that reflects the true status of this nation in the global community.

Because huge changes have already happened. We are already part of a world reeling with change and shifting power dynamics. Because, unless we get a whole lot more comfortable in that world, we will find ourselves isolated and resented as the world moves on with or without us.

And anyway, I thought readers of this blog would want to know these things.

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