Meditation on our precious Earth

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Fostering Ecological Hope
Today from Margaret Swedish:

My brother sent me this link for Earth Day and, well, I was really deeply moved. There is this small elite group of people — those who have left our planet and then were able to look back on it, gaze upon its vulnerability floating in the universe, its small atmosphere that holds all life, its wonderous beauty — Earthrise from Apollo 8the only color in a black expanse of space.

I will write more later, but just for this moment, I send it on to you as a meditation for today — the words of some of these astronauts describing this experience, along with an accompanying slide show.

God, it is all so precious. How is it possible that we have abused it so? How is it possible that we could be in the process of breaking down that thin layer of atmosphere that has made this planet unique in the entire observable universe?

Photo Credits:
NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day, Dec. 24, 2005
NASA Earth Observatory
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