So, it was ‘War for Oil’ after all — what a surprise

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Today from Margaret Swedish:

Over and over again they ridiculed those who said the Iraq war was about oil. Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Fox News [sic].

Guess what the war was about?


No, not just oil. It was about ExxonMobil and Chevron and Shell and BP and Total — those oil companies kicked out by Saddam Hussein when he nationalized the industry. Well, we got him back in spades, didn’t we — and now the oil barons are being handed the country back into their profit-seeking hands.

Now it is clear that the Bush administration’s policy, its war — with the cost in over 4,000 U.S. lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, oil-refinery-in-basra-global-policy-forum.pngand destruction and upheaval that will have a long, long life — was about reseizing Iraqi oil for U.S. oil giants. No bid contracts. Just handing it over.

On MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight, Rachel Maddow accurately called the policy one of establising an “oil colony.”

This is how they hope we will deal with the high price of oil — and they not only hope, but assume, that you will accept this — “Oh, it costs a lot to fill my gas tank, I support the war in Iraq!!”

Okay, I don’t believe this will make the war any more popular, but it does show that our use of oil, especially in the form of gas for our cars and fuel for jet engines that fly us around the world, is morally and ethically compromised. If we believe that oil prices should be lowered, that we need to find more oil to convert to gasoline for our cars, then we are connected to this Iraq war policy.

This was always true. This was never about 9/11. This was never about defeating terrorism. This was never about finding the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. It was about using that horrific moment to present the phony excuse to go to war for oil – because we would never, ever, have accepted that as an excuse for this war.

U.S. domestic production peaked out in the 1970s. Our dependence on foreign oil has risen inexorably since then, now totalling 2/3 of our supply. We went to war to seize oil for us, to grab oil for us, to make sure we would control the oil flow from Iraq.

And if we attack Iran, it will be for the same reason. Bush people, oil barons, see the shortages coming; they know better than we do what reaching ‘peak oil’ means, how important it will be to control access to the oil that remains. They are going to war for our access to oil to keep the engine of our way of life running for a little while longer, to keep the profits, the way of doing business going for as long as possible.

Our response? to make it clear that we do not want this oil at the price of so much blood. That means weaning ourselves from oil, supporting policies, including those that will raise our taxes, that will create the green and clean technologies to replace oil, to not accept dividends and retirement savings from blood-for-oil companies, and to elect people to office who are not beholden in any way to the oil industry.

That’s for starters.

Religious leaders, I am waiting for your voice on this, your vehement and passionate protest. I am waiting for your leadership to speak out against this reward to oil companies from the blood of so many Iraqis and U.S. soldiers.

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