So many things, change all around us

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Fostering Ecological Hope
Tonight from Margaret Swedish:

Sorry for the long silence this week. I fight a virus after dealing with a family medical emergency. All these things that remind us we are not in control, that we, too, like all living things, are subject to nature, not in control of it, despite the mythology of U.S. America.

We cannot bend Creation to our will.

By the way, the effort to do so is going to kill us — if we don’t change how we live, and soon.

I am working on a post that I hope to finish on Sunday. Today, unable to even think clearly because of this virus in my head — and eyes, and sinuses, etc. — my part of the world, southeastern Wisconsin, has been hit hard by storms, even a funnel cloud or two. I love storms. I love the reminder of the power of nature.

And, as we have noted previously, we have been reminded a bit more than we might like this record tornado season.

Wildfires in North Carolina. Heat indexes surpassing 100 degrees in the mid-Atlantic (I lived there a long time. Looks like that area may have a long summer, indeed). Deluges. Not just storms, but several inches of rain today and tomorrow for my area.

Notice how much weather is in the news?

What in the world happened to oil prices yesterday — biggest one day increase in history!

Life changing all around us. That is what I will write about tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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