The Politics of Oil, 4

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Fostering Ecological Hope

Today from Margaret Swedish:

Just want to note this op-ed from today’s NY Times as another indication of how the battle to secure oil and gas resources trumps other critical international issues, determining power alliances, influencing the jockeying among the UN Security Council members, and more.

It is also good to remind ourselves now and then that a key source of oil for the US is Saudi Arabia, the behavior of which monarchy resembles very much those realities that caused us, according to Washington myth-making, to go to war to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein.  These behaviors include public beheadings, repression of dissidents, denial of basic rights for women, and on and on.

But with this government we hold hands literally.  One provides oil for us (and lucrative business dealings for the Bush family), the other had oil we wanted to get and control.

So, where is hope in this?  Think about the source of what you put in your gas tank.  Think about the plastic water bottles you buy, which need oil for production.  Think about the thousand or more miles that is the average distance that produce is shipped to your store (remember local family farming, before mega-agribusiness funded with tax subsidies from you?).

I heard on the radio this morning that oil industry leaders are complaining about the movement to move the US to energy independence.  Think about the wealth generated for these companies by the business done in this world around oil.

Then think about how we have lost an entire generation since concerns about global warming, peak oil, population growth and the strain on natural resources, and unsustainable consumption were first being talked about.

We do not have to proceed like this, and that it is up to you and me.  We do not have a way to change this situation tomorrow.  We will not have next week the alternative, earth-friendly sources of energy that will let us simply go on like this, and if we did, it would not solve the resource-depletion problem.

Where is hope?  In those of you reading this and being alarmed.  In those of us ready to accept some drastic changes in how we live so that this world has a chance at a better future than the one we are barreling towards right now.



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