There’ll be a change in the weather…2

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Fostering Ecological Hope
Today from Margaret Swedish:

Even Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News tonight called this weather day “freakish.”

Can we believe the destruction and chaos across so much of the country — tornados ripping up communities, deluges of rain falling from the sky — tornado-fema-for-kids.pngexcept in South Dakota, parts of which are being buried in snow — in May?

Global warming skeptics will tell you it’s just weather, we’ve always had tornados and snowstorms, and the planet is cooling not warming — but the evidence abounds nonetheless.

As we posted back in January, this change in the weather to more extremes — extremes of heat and cold, floods and drought, deluges and blizzards, hurricanes and tornados, violence fed by the greater warmth in the atmosphere — this is one of the more feared aspects of global warming. It will upset weather patterns. It will add more heat to the atmosphere which means more energy in weather systems.

Here in the upper Midwest, we had a record-breaking winter in terms of snow and very bitter cold. Even now, the spring comes to Wisconsin ever so reluctantly.

Cooler weather. See? Told ya’. The Earth is cooling, not warming.

Well, turns out that March saw the warmest global land surface temperature on record.

That’s right — the warmest global land surface temperature on record. This little tidbit was hidden in the weather summary in Milwaukee’s newspaper this morning.

You can go to the source by visiting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website.

Weather doesn’t tell us about global warming, but weather patterns over longer periods of time do. Yet we continue to not ‘get it.’ This morning I was struck by an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporting on a Badger Poll that indicates people in Wisconsin are more concerned about shrinking water levels in the state’s lakes and rivers, not to mention those big lakes on our eastern and northern shores, than they are about global warming and climate change.

Do we not get it? Do we not get that shrinking water levels are directly related to the evaporation, drought periods, and lessening snowpack that are the result of a warming planet?

Oh how we need our educators, media, religious leaders, story-tellers and others to teach us all how this planet works!

There is a lot of human tragedy in the nation today. We need to get up our moral courage, and a deep spirituality, to encounter truthfully and compassionately these and other disasters to come.

And we need to reflect deeply and honestly about how to change how we live to keep things from getting much, much worse.

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