Watching the weather change…

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Fostering Ecological Hope

Today from Margaret Swedish:

Saw Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth over the weekend.  Don’t miss it.  I was very impressed with how compellingly and graphically he presents the extreme threats we face due to global warming.  And he makes the science very accessible.

Now the day after seeing the film it is pouring down rain in the Houston area, another of those mind-boggling rain phenomena – 10 inches in just a few hours in some spots.

Gore points out how the added warming will spawn both increased drought and increased extreme rain events.  Last year St. Petersburg FL received more than 12 inches of rain in a 3-hour period.  A couple of roofs collapsed under the weight of the water.  I can’t even imagine that kind of rain.

No single event screams “global warming!”  It is the increasing frequency and changing weather patterns that tell us what is happening.  If we were still creatures tuned in to the earth, we would know how to read these messages, kind of like the wildlife that fled the Indonesian and Thai coasts as the tsunami approached back on Dec. 26, 2004.  The animals sensed its coming, felt it in their flesh and bones, especially as the ocean was first sucked back off the beaches, while tourists and others went right down to the beach to watch the interesting thing that was happening.

We are watching the interesting things that are happening, going to movies about it, noting the changes in the weather, wondering what will happen and when – and here it is already happening all around us – forests dying, rivers drying up, glaciers disappearing, warmer winters causing spread of mosquito and tick-borne diseases, drought in the southwest, bigger more extreme weather events – it’s all so very interesting.

Trouble is, global warming is not our only problem.  It is accompanied by our extreme over-consumption of the resources the earth has available for life – like water, for instance.  It is accompanied by an exploding population growth rate that will not level off for another generation – not before we add another 3 billion people, all needing water to drink and food to eat and dignified housing and education for their kids (education being absolutely essential to get us back onto a survivable course).  And their right to these things is equal to our own.

They can only have them if we who are privileged are willing to give up a lot and to live differently.

To add a factoid to today’s post, I share this from a book I am currently reading, Integrating Ecofeminism, Globalization, and World Religions, by Rosemary Radford Ruether.  “North Americans use 1,280 cubic meters of water per person per year, while Europeans use 694 cubic meters, Asians 535, Latin Americans 311, and Africans 186.”

Stunning disparities.  And this while water scarcities are becoming a major problem all over the world.  There is a very big question staring us right in the face here.  How will we answer it?


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