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A conjunction of crises is about to present US society with some stark realities.  Climate change due to global warming, natural resource depletion, peak oil production and the looming energy crisis, along with multiple economic disasters in the waiting, are coming together to pose enormous challenges for this society. All of this is exacerbated by debilitating war in Iraq, an unsustainable build-up in the defense part of the US budget (approaching $500 billion), the loss of US international credibility and respect, and a frightening crisis in the functioning of our constitutional democratic system. 

Our way of life has become unsustainable.  Our consumption levels and patterns are causing profound instability in the earth’s living systems and we cannot continue as we are.  We ” and our entire global community ” are facing an unprecedented moment in human history. 

For 25 years I was involved in the Central America solidarity movement, as director of the Religious Task Force on Central America and Mexico, a national resource and coordinating nexus for grassroots, faith-based communities working in defense of human rights, to stop US military aid to military dictatorships in the region, to offer sanctuary and support for political refugees in the US who were fleeing repression and war, and more.  From this vantage point, I saw a lot about how this world operates, who has power, how power functions, how it manipulates.  And I saw great hope in what we called œsolidarity from below, peoples across borders working together towards a world that would respect the rights and dignity of all. 

This is what I bring to the reflection I want to have on this blog.  The multiple crises looming before us present us with a stark moral question, one with even greater weight than when I first began that work “ how we must live differently in the US so that other human beings can live.  Are we in this culture prepared to do that — live radically different lives for the sake of the survival of human beings and the life systems of the earth that support us?

At this moment, faced as we are with potential catastrophe for the earth’s wondrous, delicate balance of life, and therefore also for us, this question has become urgent. 

The musings to come will be about that ” how to live differently, what we must begin to think about in terms of our cultural values and œway of life, the moral challenge that confronts this richest nation of the world that gobbles up so much of what the world needs to live so that we can become richer and richer, consume more and more, until we are drowning in our possessions and adding our disproportionate weight to the real threat of human extinction. 

This reflection will be about faith and values, about what it really means to be in favor of life. 

I look forward to connecting with you. 



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