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Fostering Ecological Hope
Reflections on Culture and Meaning

by Margaret Swedish

The long space between posts here is indicative of a transition underway with this project and its host organization, the Center for New Creation. We’re trying to decide on the best way to proceed from here on out.

When we started this project 8 years ago, we wanted to really hone in on the themes of:  1) “spirituality,” that deeper place from which we are motivated by what inspires us, gives our lives meaning, what shapes our ethical beings and reasons for being alive, how we articulate that through various faith traditions or non-religious traditions; and,  2) “ecological hope,” looking unflinchingly at the crisis unfolding now on our planet, but also at the ways we can learn to live within it to heal some of the wounds, to survive through and beyond it so that some new future, better than this hurting one, might emerge.

It has been rich beyond measure.

We also know that the wounds are deepening, that overall the conditions of our world are deteriorating.

So we started looking again at the name of the non-profit which sponsors us and which had a long rich history in Northern Virginia and the DC area as a peace and justice center. And we’ve been asking if it is time to disappear the project and make it the work of the Center for New Creation, a center as in a “hub,” a virtual gathering place where more people can see where hope resides – in the many burgeoning grassroots groups rising up to make that new creation out of the places where they live.

So as we proceed with that conversation, and as time demands more of me personally this summer, both in this project and in my writing, we have not been able to post as often as we like. That will likely continue through the month of August.

Not posting on the blog does not mean we are not busy – just the opposite.

logo at 196 x 159We have a Center for New Creation Facebook page now where you can “like” and follow us as we regroup. We’re pretty excited about some of the possibilities and dreams we’re conjuring up for the future as we explore the kind of online “hub” we would like to be and how to go about gathering the stories that would come together there – the purpose being so that we can SEE one another, SEE that these are not just isolated fragments of action, but a movement that is emerging, an essential one for what Thomas Berry called, “The Great Work” of this generation.

Now summer is a terrible fundraising time, but I am using this post in any case to ask for any support you can give us now. To make the dream real, we need to fund a larger project with a bigger budget then the modest one on which we operate now. If you have cared about what you read here, it you like the sounds of where we’re headed, there could be no better time than now to donate to the Center for New Creation. Your donations are tax-deductible.

Please stay tuned. Lots more to come as we move toward September under the umbrella of our Mother Ship.


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