On my way…

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Fostering Ecological Hope
Reflections on Culture and Meaning

by Margaret Swedish

Well, friends, I’m off on our great 2-week adventure (see previous posts), our Athabasca River Pilgrimage from Jasper National Park to the oil tar sands of Alberta. I will probably not be posting here, though I can imagine an opportunity or two, maybe on a rainy day in the quiet time with my fellow pilgrims. However, as I mentioned last week, we will have a blog and 3 of us at least have committed to adding updates. It is set to go public on the 4th.

The address: riverpilgrims.net

You can sign up there for updates, if you like, and follow us along the way.

It will be extraordinary, and, oh, the stories we will have to share!

It is not too late to donate to support the pilgrimage and the work to follow from it. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for all the support and solidarity.

athabasca river boreal forest for SEH


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