Seasonal reflection

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Fostering Ecological Hope
Today from Margaret Swedish:

I will be away from my computer for a few days, so I wanted to leave on the home page here something reflective of this magical time of year in the Midwest.

Orange marks the spot where I live - source: EPA, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Forget for a moment that Southern Wisconsin, from the Mississippi to Lake Michigan, is suffering under the worst cloud of air pollution in the country right now (hard to forget given how it makes one feel after several days of this – thank you, coal industry); what I want to do is grab our attention away from all that is wrong with the Earth to all that is right with it.

Like Spring, for example.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I was taking photos of fresh snow and ice sculptures formed by the waves crashing onto the shore of Lake Michigan near my home. This week, the air warmed, snow melted, fog developed each evening from the mixture of all that melting moisture and the warm stagnant air, and those ice sculptures became another transient and magnificent work of art.

The fog dance over Lincoln Park, Chicago - Photo by Deanna

Lake Michigan ice sculptures - Photo: Margaret Swedish

These photos remind us how important it is to fall in love over and over again with this beautiful planet, with all its wonder and daily miracles, its constant unfolding, its wondrous secrets great and small, its generosity, the way it holds us – if we let it.

Photo: Margaret Swedish

It reminds me each day that when we love the Earth enough, and when enough of us love the Earth enough, we will stop trying so hard to kill it, to crush its beauty, to trample its wonder underfoot and under-machine, to stop pouring toxins into every one of the gifts it offers us for life – air, water, soil, plants, forests, animals, our very own bodies.

Spring melt, Lake Michigan shore - Photo: Margaret Swedish

Spring is an annual reminder of what the Earth can re-birth, regenerate, re-create, renew – if we just let it.  It can heal us. It really can.  It can teach us how to live, if we open to its wisdom, wisdom lying latent in every cell of our bodies connected as we are, created as we are, by everything that came before us since the first explosion of creation 13.7 billion years ago.

A font of wisdom available to us from the beginning of time.

Photo: Margaret Swedish


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