Sunrise: a photo essay

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Fostering Ecological Hope
Today from Margaret Swedish:

I was up early this morning and aware that this is the last in our long string of unseasonably warm magnificent October days. Here in the north country, we really cherish these days. We embrace them, breathe them in, get outside as much as we can.

We know what’s coming…

So I walked down to the lake shore to watch the sunrise. It was a great show! Always is, but today the clouds made it more so. I was keenly aware of something important, too, about how these come about. For hundreds of thousands of years, we humans thought ourselves the center of the cosmos and that the sun revolved around us. We still believe that the universe revolves around us, we still believe we are the center of the story, the most important thing in a cosmos so huge that even today, with all our space technology and telescopes, we have barely gotten a glimpse of a tiny fraction of it.

We are lacking humility.

So I was thinking about how the sun does not rise. I was thinking about what it means that we still use that phrase. I was thinking about what a profound psycho-spiritual shift it is in how we experience ourselves to enter into the experience of what is really occurring.

We are turning towards the sun. We are submitting to its warmth and beauty. Without it, we are nothing. With it, there is life here. What we ought to be doing is kneeling down in reverence and obeisance each morning that it appears on our horizon.

But we are not that kind of people anymore. We think making iPads is more important, or creating jobs by gouging out the earth in northern Wisconsin for iron ore. We think spending our lives investing money and getting rich is of more significance than this turning that makes all we love and all that lives possible. We have created a whole culture that thinks what we are supposed to do is get out of bed and go to stale classrooms with rote and uninspiring curriculum, or go shopping for stuff made by gouging out the earth for the materials to make it with, or to jobs that so many people hate and that don’t allow for a truly enriching life, rather than gather with family and friends to watch the sun come up, or the earth roll over until it appears. And we don’t know how to organize our lives to heal this alienation, to make work creative labor once again, and nature a font and source of inspiration and spiritual wholeness.

So today I am sharing my morning obeisance with you. It was pretty incredible.  Enjoy!







Clouds catch fire





Warmth blankets the earth


Downtown and sailboat mast receive the light and answer back


And then the autumn leaves


Nothing more essential, or more significant, will happen on this planet today. How many of us paid attention?


All photos: Margaret Swedish


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