“We’ve destroyed the very place that we love” – Tennessee coal miner

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Today from Margaret Swedish:

Kayford Mt. WV - Photo: Vivian Stockman

Kayford Mt. WV - Photo: Vivian Stockman

Okay, regular readers and visitors know how we feel about mountaintop removal coal mining.

We don’t like it.  It must stop.  It must stop NOW!

I come back to this over and over: first, because we have to stop living off this destruction, we must break our cheap coal/cheap energy habit by understanding the breathtaking violation of the Earth community, including human beings, that this practice represents; and, second, because the mountains are sacred, period.  I can think of no greater act of human arrogance than to blow up mountains for the profit of coal companies and my electricity.

And, as we have also noted in the past, the people who live in these mountains, and most directly suffer from this abuse, are often the mountains’ most eloquent spokerspersons.

So today, just this — this video from ilovemountains.org.  Visit this website and learn more about this if you still need to.  Then tell President Obama that he is not doing nearly enough to stop mountaintop removal coal mining.  Tell him we don’t want it regulated; we want it stopped.

Learn more about what you can do by visiting our “We can change the world” page.  Scroll down to the section on mountaintop removal to find websites with lots of resources to help you mobilize in your community.

From At Home in the Web of Life, pastoral message from the Catholic Bishops of Appalachia, 1995:

“To say that creation is revelation means that the splendor of the Appalachian Mountains,
– their valleys and coves,
– their ridges and hollows,
– their skies and forests,
– their rocks and soils,
– their rivers and streams and springs,
– their plants and animals,
all show us God’s glory, all tell us of God’s beauteous presence…

“In this new context [the death of the modern industrial age and the birth of a postmodern electronic age] is the special place of Appalachia now to be reduced to a dumping ground?  Are we to forget and even obliterate the ancient struggle of Earth to birth these mountains?”

Are we?

This is not only an attack on the mountains, it is an attack on the very act of creation by which all livings beings have come into existence.  It is, to use another religiously-laden term, an abomination.

The ancient struggle of Earth allowed the human to come into existence.  Is this how we show our gratitude?


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