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The focus of our conversation is the central question of this project: what kind of human beings are we going to be as the world enters a period of ecological crisis? We have come to, and in fact exceed, the limits of the planet to sustain the human species and keep its vital ecosystems intact.  We are faced now with a crucial choice — to down-scale rapidly the impact of the human footprint, enough to allow the Earth to begin to regenerate those vital systems — or to continue on the path towards catastrophe for all living species.

For those of us living in the country that still consumes more than any other nation and spews more waste (per capita) than any other society, the moral, ethical, and spiritual challenge of this transition is especially profound.  On this site, we want to begin to articulate the spirituality — as in , values, frameworks of meaning, the directions for a new moral compass — that can form the basis for a new scaled-down way of life in this, and other, affluent societies.  That is the scope of our chat.  Participants are urged to contribute thought-provoking, meaningful, sensitive, and challenging insights to this reflection.

Look for us weekday mornings and some evening hours.  We will keep you posted on our schedule as time goes by.