NEW WEBSITE – we are about to launch!

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Friends, readers, subscribers:

The new website is about to go live! I know, I know, we were hoping for July, but yours truly here managed to break 3 ribs on June 30 in a freak accident. Talk about being down for the count!! Unable to work, to sit at the computer for long periods, to sleep, to sit – you know, it was a bit of an ordeal.

That set us back a few weeks, but the work is finally done. I am learning a new program over the weekend, and we will start posting this Labor Day week.

The new site will NOT look like this old one! We think it’s a wow!

So, for those who subscribe here, note that you will need to subscribe to the new site. It will have TWO blogs embedded in it: New Creation News (ecological news, environmental justice news, similar to what we have posted before), and New Creation Stories (news of emergent grassroots organizations, movements, and communities that are making new creation as they defend “places” and work to create a new ecological culture as the old economic culture collapses).

As soon as we launch, we will come back here to make that announcement and remind you to go to the new site to subscribe. And we hope that you will help spread the word. This new site is meant to be a service of, by, and for the community of new creation activists, culture workers, dreamers, and more. We want it to be a community gathering place.

So, stay tuned as we welcome you there.

~ Margaret Swedish

Sunrise over Lake Michigan – September 2, 2016 Credit: Margaret Swedish



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