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KXL – rejected! Where we go from here.

Posted November 6th, 2015 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on KXL – rejected! Where we go from here.

Obama’s rejection of KXL is both reason to celebrate and a call for deeper and broader opposition to the whole of the transportation network that brings dirty oil to and through our communities to market…In these next few weeks, with the UN Climate Conference in Paris approaching, the world will be focused on these things. Millions of people will be in the streets or active in their communities doing advocacy, education, communication, and more. It’s a great time to build a movement that is broader, deeper, more engaged, and now even more inspired.

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Plants grow from the roots – the ecology of social movements

Posted March 4th, 2015 in Blog, Featured 1 Comment

Like roots of a healthy plant, social movements grow from below. In recent years, a grassroots movement has emerged in much of the U.S. in response to the fossil fuel industry’s increasing destruction of our eco-communities. Some of those “healthy plants” came together in Madison WI on Feb. 21, and this is part of that story, a story of hope and inspiration. We have lost a lot; we have not lost everything. The seeds of ecological/social/cultural transformation are maturing into one of the most significant, and arguably most important movements of this century.

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It’s getting pretty urgent, no? What to do – and can you help us do it

Posted February 22nd, 2013 in Blog, Featured 2 Comments

The impacts on our natural world of our addiction to fossil fuels accelerate with every passing day.Humans, too, we are part of the natural world being impacted. “All of this destruction, really, is by popular demand, and I am part of that demand.” This situation grows urgent, and we all need to ramp our work to stop the destruction.

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Oil prices: what we pay for (technology, subsidies, industry profits), what we don’t (the ruin of the planet)

Posted March 6th, 2012 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Oil prices: what we pay for (technology, subsidies, industry profits), what we don’t (the ruin of the planet)

Fostering Ecological Hope Reflections on Culture and Meaning A rather disturbing conjunction of headline and photo with this NY Times story: deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, after a brief respite because of the worst oil platform disaster ever, is back in high gear. But that’s a small portion of the story. The larger […]

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