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Light in the darkness – a solstice meditation

Posted December 21st, 2015 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Light in the darkness – a solstice meditation

At the end of a troubled year, and after COP21, what is the meaning of light in the darkness, of solstice, of the return of the sun, of stretching more light into these next coldest months of the year? And in these troubled times, how do we become light in a culture clinging to the darkness of ignorance, anxiety, and fear, walking blindly toward an abyss? Can we point our lights toward a new path for the human journey?

“Hope is about what is not predictable, what we see in dreams but is not yet realized, what we believe can be true even against the weight of the evidence. Hope is how we choose to live in this dance of darkness and light, in which we are gifted to be conscious participants. It is who we choose to be in the world, how we decide to act.”

One of the longest essays we’ve ever posted here. I hope you will take time for a long, reflective, contemplative read, then share your thoughts with us and our readers.

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Darkness and Light

Posted December 23rd, 2014 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Darkness and Light

This has been a sacred time of year just about as far back as we can find traces of human culture. Through millenia when people were far more connected to the natural rhythms of our planet, cultures have acknowledged the moment when the longest darkness begins to relent to the lengthening light, a perennial dance […]

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Dreaming those Dreams of the Earth

Posted December 20th, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Zine Comments Off on Dreaming those Dreams of the Earth

We need a new Dream of the Earth. What humans are projecting onto the planet is a deep spiritual disconnect, a profound alienation, and assertion of power and aggressiveness that has made our human dream a nightmare. This manifests a loss of soul. We need a new Dream, a new story, one that can reshape our relationships within Gaia so that together we can heal from so much destruction. We invite you to dream with us in 2014!

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The Ecology of the Mass Shooting of Children – reflections on Sandy Hook

Posted December 18th, 2012 in Blog, Featured 2 Comments

We are called to a tremendous work here – to alter the culture of this nation at its core, to overturn and reshape the very ecology in which we live and move and have our being. This will require a change in our lives in the most profound terms. We must redefine who we are as a people. We cannot live on the grandiose myths anymore, those narratives created to somehow justify ourselves. We have to come at this with truth and complete honesty. We have to claim not only the children and their teachers, but also the killer, as belonging to us, of the nature of who we are.

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