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Creating new ways of life – the roots of authentic hope

Posted December 4th, 2012 in Blog, Featured 2 Comments

The news is dire, but it is only hopeless if nothing changes, or, better said, if we don’t change anything. Hope is not something I can give anyone. I can’t tell you here that things will be okay. They won’t. We’re in for hard times. But hope is a work of the hands and heart, it is a project, not a sentiment. You have to work at it. You have to make it real by how you live.

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Posted November 21st, 2012 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Gratitude

Gratitude is more than giving thanks; it is an orientation to life. It is a way of being. It is an approach to all things. It is a way to walk in the world.

Gratitude is a path.

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Dose of reality after the hangover

Posted November 12th, 2012 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Dose of reality after the hangover

Elections are over. It is past time to get serious about climate change – not just studying it and reporting about it, but doing something about it. New climate studies make the case for urgency.

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Sandy and the end of the world as we know it

Posted October 29th, 2012 in Blog, Featured 1 Comment

Fostering Ecological Hope Reflections on Culture and Meaning by Margaret Swedish I don’t mean to be dramatic with that headline. We are seeing the end of a world, the familiar one in which most of us, at least those of us over, say, 30, were born and lived most of our lives. This storm is […]

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