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Why we left the “a” out of the name, Center for New Creation

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New creation is not a “thing” we make. It is an act, on ongoing unfolding. We create – like an artist before a canvas, or a writer, pen and journal in hand. Creation in this sense is not a result, a finished project. It is an ongoing work. It is a journey, full of potential, of surprises, of new insights, new revelations. And this work of new creation has never been more necessary than it is right now.

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March 2014: So, what’s up?

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What’s up are a lot of hopes and expectations for this project. Sharing our dreams and asking for your support.

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The things he didn’t say…

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What President Obama left out of his State of the Union address when it comes to the ecological crisis threatening our future.

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Rivers: they run though it, yes, they run through everything

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Fostering Ecological Hope Reflections on Culture and Meaning by Margaret Swedish Okay, sorry for the long silence. August was very intense, trying to finish a book manuscript, trying to raise some money to keep this project afloat, preparing for the big Athabasca River adventure (see Athabasca River: from the Columbia Icefields of Jasper National Park […]

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