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Now, for the next steps…

Posted September 9th, 2015 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Now, for the next steps…

What we do NOW, the decisions we make NOW – not later this century, not our kids’ generation, but THIS one – will determine the quality of life at the other side of the transition. Which makes our lives incredibly significant RIGHT NOW. Which fills our lives with meaning and importance. Which makes us just about the most important generations to emerge from the long process of the evolution of hominids. Yeah, it is all really that important. WE are all really that important.

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The Ecology of Fossil Fuels

Posted January 30th, 2015 in Blog, Featured, Zine Comments Off on The Ecology of Fossil Fuels

They have one, a web of interconnection, intricate, complex, ubiquitous, supporting an economy and ways of life all around the world. We tend to think of the word in the sense of the biological community, the interrelationships among organisms and their environment, patterns and behaviors among living beings and the non-sentient world. That is the […]

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The Ecology of Economic Growth

Posted January 22nd, 2014 in Blog, Featured, Zine 1 Comment

Economic growth within the model of the global economy has an ecology to which we are all connected, a model driven by the logic of consumption. But rather than a model of “growth,” it is a model of depletion and diminishment, of “using up.” It is the logic of this way of life that must be changed fundamentally if we are to have a future at all.

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Obama reality check

Posted July 7th, 2009 in Blog, Featured 3 Comments

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: Look, I’m as relieved as anyone that Barack Obama is our president and I think he is a thoughtful and serious guy, though we here have always known that he was a centrist, not a true progressive. That said, we have to get serious about challenging him on […]

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