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The contrasts within us straining beyond all comprehension

Posted March 15th, 2013 in Blog, Featured 1 Comment

The same human brain that has discovered the Higgs boson is bringing about ecological destruction. This strain within the human psyche cannot hold much longer. We have to open to what our searching, what knowledge and discovery are telling us about who we are before we are no longer.

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Evolving out of this mess is going to take time. What should we do in the meantime?

Posted February 13th, 2012 in Blog, Featured 3 Comments

Fostering Ecological Hope Reflections on culture and meaning: Evolution takes a long time. The most important thing, the absolutely most important thing, for everyone to remember is that we need time. We can solve all of our problems only if we can create a sustainable civilization that gives us the time to figure out how […]

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Living beyond the end of the techno-industrial era

Posted January 31st, 2012 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Living beyond the end of the techno-industrial era

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: [This will be my only post this week. Please share widely and pass the web address on to your colleagues, communities, and friends. We want to create a conversation here. We hope you, and they, will want to be a part of it. Your tax deductible donations are […]

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The need to talk to one another

Posted June 24th, 2011 in Blog, Featured 2 Comments

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: This weekend I will head up to Ashland, Wisconsin, for a few days of a ‘learning event’ coordinated by the Midwest Regional Collaborative on Sustainability Education (MRCSE). The Collaborative is a creative endeavor to bring together thinkers, artists, writers, farmers, educators, and more to begin dreaming together, articulating […]

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