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Are we on a downward spiral?

Posted August 23rd, 2012 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Are we on a downward spiral?

Fostering Ecological Hope Reflections on Culture and Meaning by Margaret Swedish We should mark the day each year with some sort of sacred ritual,  a form of cleansing, a plea for healing, a requiem, a wake for the planet… Wednesday, according to the Global Footprint Network, was this year’s Earth Overshoot Day. We don’t want […]

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Happy Ecological Overshoot Day!!

Posted September 27th, 2011 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Happy Ecological Overshoot Day!!

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: Or not. It’s certainly something to get excited about – but not in a good way. The Global Footprint Networkis one of the sources I like to cite in my presentations and workshops because they do such a great job of explaining in terms easy to comprehend the […]

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Sparks of hope

Posted October 27th, 2009 in Blog, Featured 1 Comment

Fostering Ecological Hope Today form Margaret Swedish: On Sunday I offered a presentation for a conference organized by Milwaukee’s Interfaith Earth Network.  The title of the conference: “Faith Encounters the Energy Crisis: Transitioning to Reduced Energy Consumption.”  By now, many folks know I always come armed with a lot of grim news — but also […]

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Happy Ecological Overshoot Day — or Not

Posted September 25th, 2009 in Blog, Featured 2 Comments

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: Well, friends, this is the happy day we come to each year when we have taken from the Earth, and spewed into it in the form of waste, as much as the Earth can handle, as much as it has to offer the human species.  From here on […]

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