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Making the turn…

Posted February 20th, 2012 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Making the turn…

Fostering Ecological Hope Reflections on culture and meaning: I will be posting a bit less frequently while I work on my new book. Please stay tuned, and do share this website around your circles of friends, colleagues, communities. We need to cross-fertilize our hopes and dreams for the future, for the life we must begin […]

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Climate changes are getting serious…

Posted February 10th, 2012 in Blog, Featured 2 Comments

Fostering Ecological Hope Weekend reflection from Margaret Swedish: I understand that scientific study seems to make little dent in the global warming/climate change denial syndrome, and so one wonders what it matters to cite the disturbing facts. I assume those of you reading this actually think science has something to tell us, is not mere […]

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Living in the last throes of techno-industrial capitalism

Posted January 27th, 2012 in Blog, Featured 1 Comment

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: [This post is longer than usual but stuff I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I hope you will take time to read it, comment, and share it with others. And then please consider a donation to keep this project moving along.] Are we really coming to the […]

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As Texas burns and downpours continue, national conversation about climate change still impermissible

Posted September 7th, 2011 in Blog, Featured 5 Comments

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: First question for this post: should the word ‘hope’ still be in the title of this project? I’m not kidding: I really want your thoughts on that. Given the long string of ecological disasters and diminishments in recent years, given our cultural incapacity to address the causes which […]

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