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New Creation News – an update

Posted October 12th, 2015 in Blog, Featured, New Creation News 2 Comments

The significance of our time is that we are the generation that must begin to chart the course of new creation, carve the paths to the new ways of life that the planet’s limits and the emerging collapses of the industrial growth model of economics will force on us, willingly or not.

What we choose in this project is to embrace the coming transition willingly.

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Hubble and the Meaning of the Human

Posted May 13th, 2009 in Blog, Featured 1 Comment

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: We are immersed in mystery.  We live in mystery.  Something inside of us wants to pierce the mystery, peer into it, experience wonder.  Something inside of us wants to know what is ‘out there,’ what we are part of, even if the discoveries can make us feel small […]

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