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The Earth speaks…

Posted May 1st, 2015 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on The Earth speaks…

The forces of Nature are at work in the volcano eruption in Chile, the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and the social upheaval in Baltimore. It’s all part of a living planet, and we must learn to live differently within it if we are to survive. Ecological and social justice are completely entwined in each other. We cannot have one without the other.

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The Ecology of Fossil Fuels

Posted January 30th, 2015 in Blog, Featured, Zine Comments Off on The Ecology of Fossil Fuels

They have one, a web of interconnection, intricate, complex, ubiquitous, supporting an economy and ways of life all around the world. We tend to think of the word in the sense of the biological community, the interrelationships among organisms and their environment, patterns and behaviors among living beings and the non-sentient world. That is the […]

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When what is predicted actually happens…

Posted June 14th, 2013 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on When what is predicted actually happens…

Predictions of ecological impacts as a result of global warming, inappropriate and destructive human development into vulnerable habitats, and unrealistic standard of living expectations have turned out to be disastrously accurate. The Colorado forest fires and the severe weather that has wreaked havoc through much of the Midwest, South, and Mid-Atlantic are indicators of the vastness of the changes underway, combined with our human inability to change our expectations about our lives even in the face of disaster. We have to start living differently. We have to start getting our lives back in synch with the planet before things really get out of hand.

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Earth Day – what for?

Posted April 22nd, 2013 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on Earth Day – what for?

What is the purpose of Earth Day on a damaged, increasingly threatened planet? We must re-establish our intimate relations with all that is, with our habitats and sources of life, if we are to have any hope of healing the planet before it is broken beyond repair.

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