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So now what?

Posted July 20th, 2016 in Blog, Featured Comments Off on So now what?

What is wrong with us? And why are we so impermeable to the changes roiling our planet?…

Has it been good to harm the world this way, to find meaning and spiritual journeying and faith and community and common purpose and love of Nature replaced with consumer stuff and shopping malls and poisoned water, land, and air, and cancer epidemics and the fragmentation of family, community, and village life?

Do we like this world as it is? And if not, why do we insist on believing that it must be like this, or that we can’t change it?

We can change it…

Some of the strongest bonds being developed between humans and all the sentient and non-sentient beings among whom they live are in the places where those humans are partnering with rivers, forests, wildlife, and more to defend the “places” where they live. We are beginning to “get it,” to understand on a very deep level that our very human existence and meaning itself depend upon the health of those relationships.

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A little perspective: USA, get a grip!

Posted January 27th, 2011 in Blog, Featured 4 Comments

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: All this shrieking about being number one, about being the leader of the world in all things, about striving for innovation and new technologies so we can compete in the 21st century, about Vince Lombardi’s ridiculous comment that “There is no room for second place,” as our president […]

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