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Living in the last throes of techno-industrial capitalism

Posted January 27th, 2012 in Blog, Featured 1 Comment

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: [This post is longer than usual but stuff I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I hope you will take time to read it, comment, and share it with others. And then please consider a donation to keep this project moving along.] Are we really coming to the […]

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Changing a whole culture ain’t easy

Posted January 20th, 2012 in Blog, Featured 2 Comments

Fostering Ecological Hope Today from Margaret Swedish: I’m reading Morris Berman’s, Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline. It’s a catchy title meant to entice readers to open the book. Part of what strikes me is the past tense. I would more likely write, Why America Is Failing, since we certainly have had our […]

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